Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Taking the long way

Last Saturday, I showed up at 9am for a group ride I have been leading in my neighborhood. Because of poor advertising on my part and conflicts for some of the regulars, nobody showed up. I considered that I could go home for some rest and/or coffee, but I decided to get out and explore a bit.

I rode along this picturesque drainage ditch at Crosby Farm. Afterward, I snaked through the familiar trails that I often ride when I have a few extra minutes on my way to work.

I "dipped" my wheels in the river a few times when getting around deadfalls and other obstacles.

I continued along the river, even over the rocky bank. I lowered my tire pressure, and it was easy. I thought about what a roadie acquaintance said to me a few days earlier as I outrolled him down a hill and then kept pace with him on my ICT: "I bet it doesn't go up hills very fast". He was obviously trying to disparage my "fad bike", but whatever. Truth be told, I'm not that fast up hills on any bike. But any bike that can save me a few seconds up a hill wouldn't have a chance with sand and river rocks, so there is that.

The rocks got bigger, but I was careful to pick my line through the boulders.

I took the water route here, and got wet feet. Those underwater rocks are slippery.

I didn't have time to ride into this intriguing tunnel.

By the time I got to work after 3 hours of riding, I was in such a good mood. Any bike can take me on adventures, but this one seems especially good at it.

Later that evening, I was able to get out for a ride with my 9yo on her Straggler. She's a strong rider. 
I think I need a faster bike to keep up with her.


Shaun said...

It can be argued that no bike is more "limited use" than a road racing bike. And I don't mean to slam racing bikes. But you can go anyplace a racing bike can go on that ICT plus a whole lot of places it just plain can't.

andrew rosenberg said...

I miss you jim. I should stop in maybe next week. Good writing as always

Anonymous said...

@Shaun Sure, road bikes are limited use, but not the most limited use. That would have to go to fixies.

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