Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ice Cream Truckin' Lake Michigan

A couple weeks ago, my family and I made a quick weekend trip to my ancestral homeland in northern Michigan. I rode my Ice Cream Truck along the Lake Michigan shoreline, which was a mix of sand, rocks, standing water, mud, and brush. During the ride, I shot the footage, edited, and spliced the entirety of this video all on my phone. So easy.

When you ride a fat tire bike a lot in a non-Winter setting, as I do, you get a lot of uninformed commentary from people you encounter. Other bike people, who aren't fat bike savvy, love to point out that the fat tires must be slow, or extra hard to pedal uphill. Morgan Taylor writes in an article about his 6 months riding the ICT, "[I] was convinced that fat bikes were so far outside the realm of acceptable mountain bikes that I chose to write them off." After my six months on the ICT, I like to think that my bike rides uphill better than a road bike rides over rocks and sand. As my friend Guitar Ted wrote recently, "Fat tires don't make you slow- They set you free." You don't have to confine yourself to roads or maintained trails - you just go off in the woods, or on the beach, or wherever you want, and ride. And if you have decent tires, and muscular legs, like I do, you can haul ass on the road and make all the fair weather riders think you have superhuman ability.

So here's a deal. Surlybikes has some overstock on the ICT Ops, in all sizes from XS to XXL, and they've reduced the price to get these things out the door. Regular price is $2450. With the current pricing, while it lasts, I'll sell you one for $2000 plus tax.

Earlier today, I added a front rack to mine. Summer bike-camping trips carrying way too much gear will be easy now.