Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Surly $150 coupon: Best Deal of 2015

Have you been thinking about a fat bike, but waiting for a deal? Or have you been planning to set up a new commuting or touring bike this Spring? Well, this is the best deal you're likely to get. Here's how it works. You print off this coupon:
Then you bring it to your favorite Surly dealer, and you get whatever complete Surly bike you want for $150 less than retail. We will also sweeten the deal and give you 10% of the purchase price in store credit.

Here's an example. Let's say you want a Pugsley. MSRP on a Pugsley is $1750. Subtract $150 for the coupon, and you'll pay $1600 plus tax. But then you'll have 10% of that $1600 to spend at Hiawatha Cyclery. That means $160 in free bike stuff on this purchase or future purchases.

This coupon is good until April 1 or until the bike you want isn't in stock anymore.

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