Friday, November 14, 2014

Winter bike stuff

This week, winter set in a little earlier than usual. Given the 10-day forecasts, and the date on the calendar, we probably can't expect much of a break from cold and ice and snow anytime soon.

So I've added a few cold weather items to my Ice Cream Truck:
First, I added 45NRTH Dillinger 26x4.8" studded tires ($250 each or $450/pair). They are costly but worth it, in my opinion (similar 45NRTH tires also available in 26x3.8, 29x2.35", 700x38, 700x30). I missed out on the limited supply of studded fat tires last year, which was unfortunate given the combination of cratered/rutted ice-pack and deeper snow along my commute route for six months of winter. I opted out of bike commuting a lot because it was simply too dangerous on the ice on my fat bike, and too difficult in the snow on my skinnier tire studded bike. So this is the best of both worlds.

Second, the roads get pretty sloppy in places, so I added PDW "Dave's Mud Shovel" fenders to keep myself from getting excessively splattered. I used two front fenders ($18/ea), one on the downtube as intended, and one zip-tied under my Old Man Mountain rack ($135 for the ICT version).

And third, the 45NRTH Cobrafist pogies. These are fairly expensive at $125/pair, but they are a bargain compared to most comparable options, and designed really well. The design allows lots of unencumbered hand movement inside, plus convenient pockets and vents accessible from the inside. The idea of pogies is to allow the rider to ride bare-handed or just wear a thin glove inside the pogies, which means no dexterity loss for shifting and braking, compared to wearing big chopper mitts or lobster claw mitts.
And finally, lights. It gets dark here at 4:30 PM, so having lights that function in cold temps is an essential. I'm running dual NiteRider Lumina 750 lights ($140 each). Unlike alkaline-battery lights, these don't seem to fade in the cold. One is plenty, but having a backup light isn't a horrible idea.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe how much those tires cost!! I could buy 4 tires for my car for less. Holy Smokes...