Friday, October 10, 2014

More used bikes

Note: the bikes below have now been sold. Just leaving this up for posterity.

First, since it's getting to be the time of year when many people start thinking about fatter tires, lets start with the fat bikes:
SOLD: This is my wife's Pugsley Ops in XS 14" size to fit most people in the low 5-foot height range. She didn't ride this a ton, which means this one is in nearly new condition. She wants a new Ice Cream Truck, so this one is available. It is pretty much the stock bike from Surly, but I did upgrade the brakes to Avid Elixir 7. It also comes with a Topeak rack, WTB saddle, and VP pedals. $1500.

SOLD: Here's another Pugsley Ops in M 18" size, ideal for most people in the 5'6" to 5'11" range, give or take depending on personal preferences. Again, this is a low-mileage, great condition bicycle. Mostly stock parts, but with VP-001 pedlas and an upgraded FSA XC-190 handlebar. $1500.

No picture yet, but I also have a blue M Pugsley that is spec'ed very much like the Ops Pugsleys above. Except the frame and fork are blue and the rims are black. $1500.

SOLD: Here is a nice 54cm Cross-check with rack, fenders, Brooks B17, Nitto Albatross bars, and other swanky touches. Excellent condition. $975

I have a few more to add soon.

Here's an older blog post with some other bikes and frames we have

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