Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A new adventure on the calendar

I've been married to my wife just over a year now, and we now have a baby together. It's honestly been wonderful. But being in a happy, secure relationship, then going through a challenging pregnancy, followed by caring for a newborn that doesn't often let me get enough sleep... Well, that situation has not exactly been good for my eating habits, and my waistline and new chins tell the tale. I've gained about 40 pounds in the past 13-14 months. I took half-assed measures to take the weight back off, but of course, I still continued to gain. Once the baby came and got settled in, I've begun to have more time to ride, which feels good, but those extra 40 pounds are obvious when I'm trying to pedal up hills.

Anyway, last week I read about the Tuscobia winter ultra. On a whim, I signed up for one of two remaining slots to race/ride the 75-mile option on New Year's Day 2015. I have never been more than moderately athletic, and as I already described, keeping my weight under control is a challenge for me. But having an event on the calendar has really focused my effort. I immediately reverted to a past strategy that has yielded success: low-carbohydrate diet. I stopped sneaking sweets (including fruit) and pastry and anything made of grain. I've lost 5 pounds already. I'm probably not going to lose 40 pounds in two months, but I can probably lose 25 and get back under 1/10 of an English ton in time for the race.

I'll try to keep the HC blog updated about my weight progress. Also potentially of interest: I'll also do some posts on my gear choices and training. 


rigtenzin said...

Let me know if you guys are doing the fatbike rides on the weekends. The captchas have become too difficult for me to get right.

Elmer said...


Happy training and changing your eating plan!
Grant@Rivendall has a new book "Eat bacon don't
Jog" that should be a good read for all of us.

Happy Trails
Elmer Carlson

Anonymous said...

Jim - sounds interesting and exciting, but I must admit I have never heard of that event. Can you describe where it will take place? And what kind of a bike will you ride? Cross bike?

Blogger said...

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