Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fat bike incentive program

Here's a deal: starting today 9/27 and continuing until October 11, order and pay for a Surly fat bike or "plus-sized" bike, and get 10% of the new bike price back in store credit for accessories or future purchases. That could easily be a couple hundred bucks. You'd be foolish not to!

Email hiawathacyclery at gmail or give us a call to discuss!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fat bike demo

Saturday (9/27) morning at 9-11am we will be having our fat bike demo at Fort Snelling, and you're invited. You can either meet at HC at 9am to ride over there, or simply just meet at the parking lot by the interpretive center 9-11am. Surlybikes loaned us a truckload of Ice Cream Trucks and Moonlanders to test. We will also have some HC family bikes, including various Pugsleys, Moonlanders, a Ventana El Gordo with a suspension fork, and my beloved Surly ECR. If you have a fat bike, feel free to bring it so we can all compare and contrast the different models that are available.

In addition, we will have special incentives for new fat bike purchases, and a few pre-owned/demo fat-bikes to sell at attractive prices.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cyclist husband's dilemma

A lot of cyclist husbands of non-cycling wives (substitute your own relationship configuration) face the issue of wanting to get their wives to ride bikes with them, while still doing the kind of cycling they enjoy. For example, if the husband is into fast group rides with his buddies, he might find himself frustrated with low-speed rides around the lake that are in his wife's comfort zone as she rides a bike for the first time in years, perhaps. This is a difficult relationship dynamic I have seen in action many times. In my experience, fat bikes are a good way to bridge the experience gap. The fat tires inspire confidence even in inexperienced riders, and allow experienced riders to enjoy a less intense type of cycling. At least, that's how it works for my wife and me.

When I started dating my wife, she wasn't a cyclist, though she expressed interest. Being a bicycle professional, I was able to put together a sweet Disc Trucker for her with a new frame and some parts I had on-hand. We had a couple decent rides around the neighborhood and to the farmers' market, but she was nervous about traffic and felt somewhat unstable on the Trucker. I really wanted her to ride in the woods on dirt trails with me, but since the Trucker didn't quite inspire her confidence on pavement, dirt trails seemed out of the question. Eventually, seeing how she enjoyed test-riding a fat bike we had at the shop, I took the plunge and bought an extra-small Pugsley Ops for her to ride. Instantly she was hooked on the stability and traction of the 26x3.8" Nate tires. I had mistaken her for a timid rider, but on the Pugsley, she was suddenly riding (over-)confidently over a wide variety of ridiculous obstacles. She even ventured offroad in the snow with me last winter.

We had so much fun.

But then she was pregnant for awhile, so she hasn't been on a bike since last winter. Now that our baby girl is here, I've been patiently waiting until my wife gets up to riding again. Last night, she stopped by the shop, and I just happened to have a new Ice Cream Truck in the XS size here for demo. She took it for a spin around the block and over a few curbs and couldn't stop smiling...

I don't know if she'll be getting an Ice Cream Truck yet (unless someone wants to buy a tiny Pugsley), but I'm so happy to see her on a bike again. We are both looking forward to getting a babysitter so we can get out for a short ride one of these days. The nice thing about riding a fat bike on trails with my wife is that we don't have to fight crowds or traffic, and there's no pressure or temptation to go faster than what's comfortable for both of us. I'm a lucky man.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Country Bike Rally details

Next weekend is the Country Bike Rally. Think of a "country bike" as a bike that is well-suited to a mix of on-road and off-pavement riding. Thankfully, there are a lot of bikes in this unofficial category now. This is a social event, and I welcome riders of all abilities. I will also take lots of breaks to make sure everybody is keeping up and having fun.

I've decided to break the weekend into several separate events, so you don't have to commit to the entire weekend to participate. Here's the itinerary:

Sept 26, Friday evening: Meet at HC at 6pm for a ride to some eating/drinking establishment probably 5-10 miles away.

Sept 27, Saturday 9am: Meet at HC for a short ride into Fort Snelling State Park. We have arranged to have an array of fat bikes available to demo on the non-technical dirt trails in the park. I believe fat bikes are, in some ways, the ultimate country bike. I also believe they are misunderstood because most cyclists haven't tried one. This is your chance. After fooling around on fat bikes for a couple hours, we'll go have lunch.

Sept 28, Saturday 1pm: Reconvene at HC for a ride down into the Minnesota River Bottoms. This will be a loop of approximately 20 miles. The trails along the river are dirt, but are mostly firm, flat, wide, and easy to ride. I believe that most riders will be able to ride most of the trail on 700x35 or bigger tires. If we get serious rain between now and then, we will probably do something different.

Sunday 9am: HC again for a more pavement-oriented ride. We will have coffee/lunch along the way, and try to wrap things up by mid-afternoon.

Hope to see lots of friends for one or all these events. Tell your friends and family. I want everybody to feel welcome to attend.