Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our favorite handlebar

For a long time I mostly rode bikes with drop bars because I wanted multiple hand positions. For long-distance riding, being able to move one's hands to different positions both decreases fatigue/discomfort and allows one to adjust to changing terrain, wind, and other factors. But even my all-time favorite drop bars (Salsa Cowbell) have some drawbacks. For the most part, they aren't great for offroad riding, they don't work with some of my favorite brakes (various MTB-type hydraulic disc brakes), etc. So I started exploring various multi-position flat bars. We tried Nitto Albatross (and clones), Soma Clarence bars, Surly Open bars, and others. All of those were fine, but our all-time favorite multi-position handlebar is the Jones H-bar Loop.

Multiple hand positions, lots of real-estate for handlebar-mounted accessories, and Revelate makes an elegant Sweetroll adaptation for this bar. Because of the comfort and amazing versatility, this is now my default bar for lots of different types of bike builds.

As of today, May 22, we have Jones loop h-bars in stock, black 710 mm width. These usually come and go pretty fast around here, but we have some inventory now.


rigtenzin said...

Handlebars, smandlebars. It's time for another shop party!

Joboo said...

Have you ever tried a set of Pogies on this bar?
Peace, Joe