Thursday, January 23, 2014

We are now officially moved, come see us!

We have moved! This is the new place, just a few paces to the east of our old place. The new address is 4313 E 54th St. Pardon the absence of signage (until the weather warms up a bit), but we are here during our usual business hours. The phone works. Internet works. We have our tools and inventory here. In other words, we are ready to indulge your bike fantasies and/or fix your stuff. If nothing else, stop by for a visit to chat about bikes. It's probably more fun than staying home feeling depressed or going out for a bike ride and freezing your extremities.


Elmer Carlson said...

Jim >Best of luck with your new space!
Elmer Carlson Tacoma Wa.

Anonymous said...

Will it be a traditional gentleman's club, with padded leather arm chairs and an espresso bar? But no cigars I hope.

Anonymous said...

Hello - just curiuos - how much larger isyour newshowroom?