Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday season gift certificate special, plus bike stuff for sale

First, the gift certificate special:

The holiday season is a crummy time for us. Not too many people are thinking about new bike stuff or repairs this time of year, and it's pretty hard to buy a holiday gift for the cycling enthusiast in your life. So here's some incentive: You can buy a gift certificate from us between now and December 31, and we'll give you a 15% bonus. In other words, if you pay us $100, you will receive a gift certificate (or store credit) for $115. You can use this as a gift or for future purchases for yourself. You don't even have to come in to purchase. You can call 612-727-2565 and I'll mail the gift certificate.

Second, closeout and used bikes:
This Brompton S2L is practically new, and includes a few neat upgrades, like extra-long seatpost, reduced gearing, and the Brompton S-bag. $1299

This Civia Twin City 1-speed city bike is something that came about from one of our schemes earlier this summer. It's new, but not really our usual style: Price reduced to $300.

Santa Cruz Tall Boy carbon fiber, size L, lightly used. Frame, Fox fork, King headset, Price reduced to $1400. That's cheap!

Surly troll complete, new, size M (18"). This is the original 2011/12 orange color, so you can buy into some street cred. The Troll is an amazing and versatile bike for all types of adventures. A current-year troll is $1450. You can have this one for $1250.

Surly LHT 60 cm, new. This one has been here awhile. For some reason, this has a silver Velo Orange headset instead of the black Ritchey headset originally spec'ed by Surly. Otherwise, this is a new, stock 2012 bike. A current-year LHT is $1350. This one is $1150.

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