Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HC is moving! (Someday, maybe)

UPDATE: Our move is indefinitely delayed. We are waiting for some repairs to be made to the new space before we move, but those repairs are progressing slower than we expected. So for the moment, we're staying at 4301 E 54th St, right where we've been for the past 6 years!

We recently made arrangements to move HCHQ to a larger, better space, so our current/old space is now up for grabs. The "For Rent" sign has started all kinds of rumors, but rest assured that we plan to be here for your bicycle needs and dreams for the foreseeable future.

 A lot of details about our move are up in the air at this moment, but we do know that we aren't going far, we are going to try to do this with minimal interruption to our business hours, and we should be up and running in the new place by early October.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some pre-owned bikes for sale

Rivendell Sam Hillborne 56 cm, one of the rare single-top-tube Hillborne frames. LX hubs, Dyad rims, Albatross bars, Marathon Supreme tires, Paul thumbies, Alfine generator hub, IQ Cyo headlight, Brooks saddle, and other nice stuff. The person for whom we're selling this has nearly $3000 into this bike, and didn't put many miles on it before he decided to try something else. Condition is excellent, nearly new. $2474.73

Surly Cross-Check 58 cm, custom build, SRAM 2x10 kit, handbuilt wheels with Dyad rims, Thomson seatpost and stem, Woodchipper bar, Paul thumbies, Marathon Plus tires, excellent condition, low miles, nearly new: $1443.61

Surly Troll frameset, 18" (medium), black, excellent condition, nearly new, steerer cut to 245 mm (15 mm less than stock). No picture. MSRP is $525, but this one can be yours for $396.14.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Business Hours for the Week of August 5

I/Jim will be sauntering in the mountains somewhere, but Mark will be here to attend to your bicycle needs and what not. Hours are gonna be slightly limited:

Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 1-6 pm
Closed: Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

We'll be back to "normal" starting Tuesday, August 13.