Thursday, May 9, 2013

Some details about the upcoming Midwest Country Bike Rally (updated)

PLEASE NOTE: I've updated on 5/17/2013 with more info about the camping situation at Forestville.

The "official" rally will begin at 9 am on June 1 in the vicinity of the parking lot of the Spring Valley Inn and Suites, Spring Valley, MN. At some time shortly after 9, when I am convinced that everybody has arrived and is ready to roll, we'll roll.

I am planning to camp on the nights of May 31, June 1, and June 2, at Forestville State Park in site A14. Official campground rules permit up to 6 people per site, but only TWO tents. I suggest coordinating with me or other participants on camping, and then reserving a site. Or maybe you want to stay somewhere else, like a hotel or another campground. Lodging is your own responsibility, but hopefully we can share sites, hotel rooms, to save money and increase camaraderie. Again, I'm going to check into flexibility on the one-tent limit.

The rally will resume at 9 am on June 2 in front of the grocery store in Preston, MN. From there, we'll loop back to Spring Valley, planning to finish up in the late afternoon, or early evening.

Some people are driving, some are biking, and some are doing a combination of Amtrak (to Winona) plus biking. If you want to ride bike all the way with me, let me know. Roll out will be very early in the morning on May 31. Distance is roughly 130 miles. If you want to drive and have room for one or more bikes and persons in your vehicle, let me know. If you want to hitch a ride with somebody, let me know. I'll try to match everybody up. I'm planning to ride home on June 3 - it's 130 miles, so it'll probably take all day.


Doug Magney said...

I reserved the campsite next to Jim, B42. Happy to share it with other riders if the park rangers OK it.


Jim Thill said...

Shoot, I switched to A14 ($5 charge) on the advice of someone who's been there a lot.

Doug Magney said...

OK, I'll switch. Makes sense to stick together as a group

Doug said...

I've reserved A12 for Saturday night only. Can share if Park Rangers will allow.


Shaun said...

I'm heading down to Spring Valley from work on Firday and staying at the Spring Valley Inn and then I'll be staying at the Country Trails Inn in Preston on Saturday night. I'd offer to share my rooms but I prefer to have the freedom to fart, snore, and masturbate at will.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 nights reserved in A5 (Fri 5/31 and Sat. 6/1) at the campgrounds. Can share, may already have someone who wants to, but I will update.

Mark W.

Unknown said...

Sorry to miss this one, but hope to be along some season soon. Safe (and dry) riding to all! --Tom

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