Thursday, March 7, 2013

Events of potential interest to adventurous types

Mark your calendars now.

June 1-2: Midwest Country Bike Rally, a 2-day event starting and ending in Spring Valley, MN. We will ride on some of the same roads featured in the legendary Almanzo 100 gravel road race, except touring, not racing. There will be a camping overnight in the vicinity of Preston, MN. Expect about 50 miles per day on rustic roads. Some will be extending this 2-day event to a 4-day event, riding and/or Amtrakking down from the Twin Cities. Here are some photos from the same event last year.

Sept 21-29: Fall Northwoods Tour. The details for this one are still pretty tentative, but re-creating this is what I have in mind.


Reeve said...

Sounds like fun!

Jim Thill said...

I hope you can make it Reeve!