Monday, April 22, 2013


UPDATE: Posters are in stock. Please stop in the shop to purchase, or order through our web catalog here.

Here's a testimonial that I enjoyed:
"I got mine the other day - it's at the frame shop now. Beautiful! And better yet, it made my daughter (9 years old) want to go bike camping this summer."

Last Fall I took this picture at our unofficial campsite in Upper Michigan.
The photo has been a favorite of mine, conjuring up the pleasantest memories. I asked Adam Turman to use this photo for inspiration for the 2013 edition of the annual HC poster. Here's the result.
I couldn't be happier with this one.

I expect to start shipping these by mid-April, but you can pre-order now. Go to Under the "categories" heading, click "search" and type in "poster" for the keyword (you'll also see the few remaining 2011 and 2012 posters that are available for a reduced price while supplies last). Sorry for the odd ordering instructions, but there are technical issues that arise when I try to post a link to this.

Also, please note that shipping in the US is $5 (poster tube plus actual USPS charge). Our shopping cart will tell you it's $10. Please don't email me about this. I process orders manually and will charge $5 for shipping.


Anonymous said...

Nice poster for sure - what kind of paper is it printed on?

Anonymous said...

I like it too: do you ship to Europe?
Best, Frank

Jim Thill said...

Yep. I'll ship to Europe.

Anonymous said...

Ok, what will shipping be?

Jim Thill said...

Shipping to Europe is $13 per poster, less if you order more than one poster.