Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Bicycle Pub Crawl, January 27

It's time for the premier bicycle event of the season, which we insiders know by its colloquial name: "Winter Bicycle Pub Crawl". You can join the group on Facebook for updates, or you can show up at Bulldog NE at noon, January 27, or 11 AM at HC if you'd like to group ride from this part of town.

A quick note about this event: Yes, we will be visiting several fine pubs, and beer will be a popular beverage, but it is not exactly a drinking-centric event. In fact, sloppy or obnoxious drunkenness is strongly discouraged. There will be miles to pedal, and food to consume, so you'll still have a good time even if you aren't interested in drinking beer on your Sunday afternoon. I, for one, have not had a beer in 10 years, and I still enjoy this pub crawl. You should come to the first stop, at least.

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