Friday, November 30, 2012

Fat tire bike ride and demo Saturday Dec 1

The regular Saturday morning HC ride will depart at the usual 8am start time, and return by noon. This week you will greatly benefit by riding a bike with fat tires. Skinny tires are welcome, of course, if you don't mind pushing and/or carrying your bike, which is its own kind of fun.

We will have a Surly Krampus along for you to try.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like the Krampus is another wheel-size concept from Surly?

I'm curious if this slots into the void between 29ers and Fat Bikes? With the new 650B concept neatly filling the gap between 26ers and 29ers, This makes a lot of sense. My only concern is lack of tire choice in this new category. Also, will 29er suspension forks fit if I choose to upgrade or will we need a taller fork? Looking forward to the demo to get some of these questions answered.