Thursday, October 18, 2012

New stuff at HC

We just received one of the new Rivendell Sam Hillborne framesets, and quickly turned it into a bike. This one is a 60 cm. I was a little skeptical about the double top-tube, but now I like it. It looks cool and, presumably, makes the frame stronger. Yes, it adds weight, but only a few ounces. If you're concerned about a few ounces, you're probably not reading this blog!
It's a little too big for me, but I rode it anyway. It was comfortable and handled well, like every Rivendell I've ever ridden. Also, I like the color. Forgive the cheapie saddle, pedals, and the home-brewed top-tube protector.

We are now carrying SmartWool base layers and socks. I wear wool year-round (mostly SmartWool) and I regret all the days when I don't. It's pricey, but it's so comfortable in a range of temperatures.

Camping and Adventure Stuff:
It's no secret to anybody who reads this blog that bike-camping is a big part of my bicycling lifestyle. So now we have some bike-oriented camping gear that I've tried and liked: dry bags, water bladders, Jet Boil stoves, sleeping pads, etc. No sleeping bags or tents yet, but soon. I camp in Minnesota year-round, and there's no reason to stop being adventurous on your bike just because it's October.

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