Monday, July 16, 2012

Some recent photos

First this one, from a customer and friend named Grant, who is spending his summer riding in South Dakota:

This just conveys to me the sense of daily adventure a person can experience on a bike. On a bike like the Ogre, the adventure possibilities extend well off the beaten path.

And over the weekend, I did some camping:

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Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly! I just got back from a 400 plus mile tour of the Cascades with a lot of very nice people. Almost all of them were expert riders with many many miles under their belts. I was however amused by their dedication to the maintenance of their fussy machines. To their credit, they took great care of their highly bred carbon and composite steeds, some of whom checked their tire pressure daily if not more often (I checked mine once when we started). Many of these riders were surprised I could ride a pace line with my truck like bicycle. Yeah, it probably required a little more energy but on descents, it was like riding a zooming lounge chair. I loved riding the Fargo amongst all those lightweight machines. When I packed up my bike to be shipped by Amtrak, I took off the pedal and front wheel, repositioned the handlebars, then tucked it away in the box with only a blanket to protect the bike from the front wheel. I then taped up the box and headed home with no worries about my machine. No fuss touring!