Monday, June 25, 2012

Fall tour in the north woods, Sept 23-30, you're invited

Last year's SW Wisconsin tour was an idyllic week of bike riding, exploring, and camping for the five cyclists who participated. The whole idea was to provide a moderately structured itinerary and guidance for people who are interested in bike touring, but perhaps lacking in experience and confidence to set up a bike tour from scratch. To that end, and also in terms of FUN, the trip was a huge success.

This year, I'd like to build on last year's success with another tour, this one in the North Woods of Wisconsin and possibly venturing across the state line into Upper Michigan. This one will be on as few paved roads as possible, making use of the vast network of state and federal forest roads in that part of the world. A casual look at a detailed map of that area reveals hundreds of mostly undeveloped lakes, streams, and a spaghetti-plate of inviting back roads. Because we will generally confine ourselves to rustic roads, speed and daily distance will be very modest, and there will be plenty of opportunities to hike, fish, swim (if warm enough), and just generally enjoy the wonderous thing that is the north woods in early Autumn.

If you enjoy going camping "up north" and surrounding yourself with nature, and you also enjoy bicycling, then you're a perfect fit for this trip. The cost is FREE, except for expenses related to getting there via carpool, food, and camping fees. I predict that this will be a great adventure, and I hope you can start planning NOW to come along with us.

For more inspiration, check out the blog about a similar trip from our friends at Bike Jerks, here, here, here, here, and here. Also here. Those dudes drink more beer and take more dramatic photos than I'm envisioning for the trip I'm planning, but the scenery will be similar.

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Sounds a wonderful adventure, and thanks for the links to Bike Jerks. Those guys are into serious adventure, especially adding the canned & bottled element. "Arrived at midnight & drank until dawn?". Whew! I know how that movie ends, & for me it ain't pretty.