Thursday, May 31, 2012

Closed June 1-4 for product testing and rallying

The Grant Petersen Just Ride book signing party was the most fun I've had in a LONG time. Thanks so much to everybody who came out and spent time with us. Special thanks, of course to Grant, for being such an inspirational bike person who is not selfish with his wit and wisdom. Also, thanks to my buddy Lanny who cooked most of the food and provided beer, which I think most will agree was as good as is imaginable. I'd also like to mention Eric, who helped out in numerous behind-the-scenes ways with the event.

This kicks off the Rivendell Rally weekend in Red Wing, for which we'll be CLOSED JUNE 1-4, reopening on Tuesday normal hours. This will be a Saturday-Sunday thing with camping in the middle. To attend: you, your bike, camping gear, and a spirit of adventure, should be at Red Wing's Bay Point Park Saturday morning at 8 am. I'm riding with some other people to and from Red Wing, leaving Friday morning around 8am from HC.


Jim Bob said...

The Grant Peterson event was great fun. Great food, interesting people., interesting and beautiful bikes. I even got to shake Lisel the Chica Warrior's hand!
Thanks much for hosting this and thanks to your helpers as well.
Jim Bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jim. Your shop is the best.