Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brewfarm Classic this weekend! Last chance! Shop closed on Saturday!

I'm re-posting this to put it at the top of the blog feed. Please consider joining this if you haven't already. Since we'll be riding our bikes on Saturday, the shop will be closed on Saturday, June 23. Here's a comprehensive document that explains everything you need to know to participate CLICK.

Save the date of June 23-24 for the 3rd Annual Dave's Brewfarm Overnight Classic. You're invited! We'll ride our bikes to Dave's Brewfarm in Wilson, Wisconsin for food, drink, merriment, and camping (leave HC at 8am, about 70 leisurely miles each way). If you haven't been to the Brewfarm, it's a wonderful place, owned by wonderfuller people. This is truly the highlight of the summer. You'll have fun, I promise. Oh, and bring the kids. Family friendly. Also bring a potluck dish, if you want to. There will be cars taking camping gear, food, etc, so you don't have to carry it all on your bike.

This was initially a cycling-based event, but riding 140 miles over a weekend isn't for everybody, and lots of friends were not terribly interested in the bike part. Just to be clear: We welcome all modes of transport, so if you prefer to drive out to the Brewfarm, it's cool. Some people drive out early, but bring bikes to ride around in the countryside. That's good, too.

Anyway, we get to the Brewfarm on Saturday, June 23. We set up our tents for camping. We hang out in nature's splendor, we eat, we drink, we make and/or hear music, and for heaven's sake, we enjoy the great company and the magical atmosphere. Optional: I'll wrestle any one of you into a painful submission. Then, by our chosen mode of conveyance, we go home the next day, Sunday, June 24.

If interested, please email bikepubcrawl@gmail.com for details and to RSVP.


dean899 said...

not interested until you said wrestle.....i will make the ride ....once at the farm i will don a singlet and water polo helmet/ear protector....optional...should be mandatory!!!

rigtenzin said...

Wear your head gear or you'll get cauliflower ear.

Shaun said...

I hope my fellow BrewFarm Classic attendees enjoy the beautiful "music" I make after all of that beer and red meat.