Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Revelate Tangle Bags in stock

We have quite a few Revelate Tangle frame bags in stock. These are amazingly well-made bags manufactured in the US for an amazingly reasonable price of $68-70. Yes, that was "amazingly" times two. The design and craftsmanship is a joy to behold, making use of space in a bicycle frame that is often just dead air. I've got lots of experience with the large size Tangle bag (pictured above on a 54 cm LHT). There is ample room inside for a 3L hydration bladder and all the tools, pump, and spare tubes I'm likely to need. There is a small passage at the front of the bag for the hydration tube, which can easily be rigged up to allow nearly effortless on-the-bike drinking. Imagine drinking your beverage without juggling a water bottle or flask out of and back into a bottle cage, which is an activity that's fraught with peril, I tell you! In addition to a space to carry water, you can carry everything else, too. It's at least as convenient as a handlebar bag, but without any undesirable aerodynamic or bike-handling effects. I can imagine these as ideal for commuters who don't require full pannier(s), loaded tourers who want more space than what panniers provide, and it's just about the perfect bag for a brevet bike. I really like these, and you will, too. Feel free to ask if you don't know which size to pick. These make great holiday gifts. Stop by the shop or order online here.

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