Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Neck Romancer

The all-black Pugsley formerly known as "Black Ops", now known as "Neck Romancer", has arrived here at HCWHQ. Legally speaking, it belongs to our service manager, Mongo, but quite likely it will be here for test rides and such.
I'm sort of amazed that the fat bikes are so popular, when just a few years ago they occupied novelty status somewhere between giraffe unicycles and 650B wheels. Nonetheless, they are cool and fun and useful, and if you think they're just for snow, you're mistaken. They are one of the more versatile bikes that exist, faster and more efficient than you think, and with braze-ons for every conceivable type of rack for year-round touring/camping/commuting applications. Also FUN!!!


SD_pedalpower said...

Do you know if they make racks & fenders for fat bikes?

Jim Thill said...

Most take normal racks. Fenders are usually DIY coroplast jobs, but I've seen a few that are slightly more sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

I love winter fat bikes. I've never ridden one but they appear to have the ability to ride over or through just about anything, even big piles of sticks or oversized rocks. I'm curious to know if the larger tires are significantly less efficient then a typical fat tire (like a 26 x 1.95 Specialized Ground Control, for example). Also, what does a machine like that weigh? I would guess around 18-20 kg but looks may be deceiving. Especially if it incorporated super lite components. Do the large tires wear out quickly due to their oversized contact patch?