Thursday, December 15, 2011

End of year sale

Now until the end of 2011: All in-stock and most special order items: 15% off. If you buy a whole bike, you may take the 15% discount OR apply a 20% store credit to accessorize your new machine. On a Surly LHT, this amounts to $255 worth of accessories or upgrades.

Don't need bike stuff in the middle of winter? Buy a gift certificate for 15% off face value, for yourself or for someone else. You'll need bike stuff sooner or later.

If you purchase stuff through our web page, get free shipping on orders $150 or more (this deal excludes complete bikes).

Like everybody, we have bills to pay (like everybody), and business has been SLOW the last couple weeks. Come and see us. We miss you!


Anonymous said...

Does the 15% discount apply to web orders as well?

Jim Thill said...

Yes. Web or phone.