Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter is near, gitcher studded tires

We've been spoiled hereabouts by a dry, mild Fall. Riding in the bluffs this morning I observed ice formations hanging out of the rocks where groundwater seeps out of the cracks.
Among my other observations, there was a skin of ice also on still sections of Minnehaha Creek. I was hoping that we'd get through Winter without ice and snow, but I can't ignore this evidence. Luckily, riding in Winter is doable and fun, if you can keep your hands and feet and face warm, AND if you don't crash on the ice. For traction on ice, we like studded tires, and our favorite has become the Schwalbe Marathon Winter.

We just happen to have some of these in stock. We have a few pairs in 700x35C and a few pairs in 26x1.75. Some people will tell you that you don't NEED studded tires in the winter. I took that advice a few winters ago, and made it safely through most of the winter. Just when I was feeling smug, I crashed HARD on some unseen ice, and my neck hurt until July. Luckily I didn't break my arm or skull, but I did learn that studded tires added an element of safety and fun to my winter cycling. I've been riding through the winter since 2004, and in some ways it's better than riding in the Summer (less riff-raff out there)!

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