Thursday, November 10, 2011

some nice used bikes

Cleaning house a little at HC, and we have quite a few used bikes to sell. We can sell these however you want to buy them, but cash deals will get special treatment. First off is my 2011 Redline D660 29er with 19" frame.
This was around $1900 new, and this one is in clean, excellent condition for $1200.

Next is my 1983/84 Specialized Stumpjumper fixed-gear with Phil Wood KISS-OFF hubs.
I don't know how Specialized sized these, but I'm guessing this was a "Large", with 21" seat-tube (c-t) and 22" top-tube. Little about this is stock. Anyway, this makes a great cruiser, touring bike, trail bike, or winter bike - I've used it for all these purposes. $800

How about a pristine Cannondale T2000 touring machine?
Again, not sure of Cannondale's sizing scheme, but this seems to be in the vicinity of a 57-58 cm effective seat tube with 56 cm top-tube. The parts on this are really nice, and the bike is like new. Your choice of Brooks saddle: black B67 or green Team Professional. $1200.

Winter bomber Surly 1x1:
20" frame, Surly hubs, White Industries freewheel. Maybe the perfect winter bike. $600

A vintage road bike for a winter project?
This 58 cm 1985 Raleigh Competition is fast and ready to ride, but with a little elbow grease (and maybe new rubber), this would be an eye-catching machine. And FAST! $450

Fancy old 3-speed?
1969 Raleigh Superbe 22.5" c-c, very clean, very original, except for the tires. The original Brooks B72 saddle is in excellent rideable condition. You don't see many 3-speeds this nice. Includes pump. $350.

A city-utility bike for a short-ish person.
Schwinn Traveler mixte with 19" seat-tube. $150

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I heard you are also offering your Goodrich custom for sale?