Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wheelbuilding class reminder

Just a quick reminder that the wheelbuilding class will be held this Saturday, December 3, 8-Noon. The cost is $60 for the class plus the cost of whatever wheel components you need. I still have room for 1 or maybe 2 students, but I'll need to know by Wednesday, November 30.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Einstein's office

On the day Albert Einstein died in 1955, LIFE Magazine photographer Ralph Morse visited the famed genius's office. This is what Morse found, Einstein's office, as he left it:
As any visitor to HC can attest, I, like Einstein, am a messy-desk person. Clean-desk people mistakenly interpret this as unmitigated chaos, open to either more chaos or a good tidying up. Either of those usually results in a temporary but significant drop in productivity. There is order here, but I'm betting only Einstein himself fully understood it.

We're taking a Thanksgiving break, and are closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. We'll see you on Saturday, usual hours. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving week hours, and a sale

We will be closed for the week of Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Open normal hours on Tuesday and Saturday. Starting now til next Saturday, November 26, everything in the store is 15-20% off, including bikes, accessories, parts, gift certificates, labor, everything. Special order items (prepaid at time of order) will be 10% off. It's been pretty slow here the last few weeks, and we need you to come in and buy something. You'll get a good deal, so it's a win-win. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Alfine 1x1 Fatty

When Brian walked in a couple weeks ago and asked us to help convert his 1x1 to a geared fat bike, we thought he was crazy. Naturally, we liked him immediately. He already had the Large Marge rims and Nokian Gazzaloddi 26x3.0 tire. All we did was lace the rear rim to the Alfine hub, install a Pugsley fork, and put a Surly Nate tire on the front. It's ridiculously sensible.
You'd be foolish not to do this.

Winter is near, gitcher studded tires

We've been spoiled hereabouts by a dry, mild Fall. Riding in the bluffs this morning I observed ice formations hanging out of the rocks where groundwater seeps out of the cracks.
Among my other observations, there was a skin of ice also on still sections of Minnehaha Creek. I was hoping that we'd get through Winter without ice and snow, but I can't ignore this evidence. Luckily, riding in Winter is doable and fun, if you can keep your hands and feet and face warm, AND if you don't crash on the ice. For traction on ice, we like studded tires, and our favorite has become the Schwalbe Marathon Winter.

We just happen to have some of these in stock. We have a few pairs in 700x35C and a few pairs in 26x1.75. Some people will tell you that you don't NEED studded tires in the winter. I took that advice a few winters ago, and made it safely through most of the winter. Just when I was feeling smug, I crashed HARD on some unseen ice, and my neck hurt until July. Luckily I didn't break my arm or skull, but I did learn that studded tires added an element of safety and fun to my winter cycling. I've been riding through the winter since 2004, and in some ways it's better than riding in the Summer (less riff-raff out there)!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So you have stuff to carry...

I'm experimenting with some bags on my Troll. Here it is with everything.
I doubt I'd be tempted to overpack... I'm planning a trip where carrying several days' worth of water will be necessary. The frame pack seems like an ideal way to carry water reservoirs. This Surly/Revelate bag is nominally designed for the Pugsley and Moonlander frames, but they seem to fit the Troll, too.
These bags are $150. Not sure if we're going to stock them or special-order only, but this one is in demo mode here at HC. One trip to the post office so far, and I like it. If the full frame bag is excessive, we are stocking the Tangle Bags in small, medium, and large sizes. We'll get these onto our web catalog one of these days, but for now you can buy them in-store or over the phone. We have some experience with these, and can help you figure out what size is best for you. Hint: The large Tangle is a nice addition to Surly LHTs with 26" wheels, as the smaller wheel size makes for a more open frame design. $68-70 depending on size. Another bag we're carrying now is the Revelate Gas Tank.
A great way to carry food to eat while riding, a camera, phone, and other items you may want to access quickly without having to get off the bike to dig through a larger bag. $55

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wheelbuilding class, Dec 3

I just finished the wheelbuilding class this morning, and already had two people ask me to do another one. I'm delighted that this has been so popular this year! Let's have another class on December 3. Building and riding your own wheels can be a satisfying experience on its own, provides a valuable home-mechanic skill (truing), and usually results in excellent quality wheels.


I will hold the class at the shop Saturday, December 3, 8am-Noon. The registration fee is $60, which is required to reserve your spot on a first-come, first served basis. We will provide step-by-step instruction and a workspace equipped with a truing stand and spoke wrench for you to use during the class. Most people are able to build one wheel during the class, but others try to build a pair of wheels (I can help if you run out of time). You can supply your own rim(s), hub(s), and/or spokes, or you can get those items from HC for a discounted price with class registration. If you don't know which wheel components suit your needs, tastes, and budget, we will help with that, too. Space is limited, so call 612-727-2565 or stop in to register and discuss options for your new wheels.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

some nice used bikes

Cleaning house a little at HC, and we have quite a few used bikes to sell. We can sell these however you want to buy them, but cash deals will get special treatment. First off is my 2011 Redline D660 29er with 19" frame.
This was around $1900 new, and this one is in clean, excellent condition for $1200.

Next is my 1983/84 Specialized Stumpjumper fixed-gear with Phil Wood KISS-OFF hubs.
I don't know how Specialized sized these, but I'm guessing this was a "Large", with 21" seat-tube (c-t) and 22" top-tube. Little about this is stock. Anyway, this makes a great cruiser, touring bike, trail bike, or winter bike - I've used it for all these purposes. $800

How about a pristine Cannondale T2000 touring machine?
Again, not sure of Cannondale's sizing scheme, but this seems to be in the vicinity of a 57-58 cm effective seat tube with 56 cm top-tube. The parts on this are really nice, and the bike is like new. Your choice of Brooks saddle: black B67 or green Team Professional. $1200.

Winter bomber Surly 1x1:
20" frame, Surly hubs, White Industries freewheel. Maybe the perfect winter bike. $600

A vintage road bike for a winter project?
This 58 cm 1985 Raleigh Competition is fast and ready to ride, but with a little elbow grease (and maybe new rubber), this would be an eye-catching machine. And FAST! $450

Fancy old 3-speed?
1969 Raleigh Superbe 22.5" c-c, very clean, very original, except for the tires. The original Brooks B72 saddle is in excellent rideable condition. You don't see many 3-speeds this nice. Includes pump. $350.

A city-utility bike for a short-ish person.
Schwinn Traveler mixte with 19" seat-tube. $150

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Moon Landing

We at HC have exerted our considerable bike industry clout to maybe possibly get a loaner Moonlander to examine and test-ride Saturday, November 12, Noon-4pm.
Wait, that's not it, but here's a sneak peek, culled from one of our favorite porn sites:
If you understand and like the Pugsley and other "fat bikes", I predict the Moonlander will be right up your alley, and you should come in and try it. If you just don't get it, then please don't ask me to explain - just come in and try it.