Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturday Night Ride

Mark Stonich is leading one of his famous night rides, sure to be a legend in the future.
Sept 10, 2011
Leave the shop @ 7:30 PM
Distance will be somewhere between 20 & 30 miles as I haven't finalized the route.
Please have reliable lights and wear light colored clothing.


Anonymous said...

What will be your average speed?

Jim Thill said...


Anonymous said...

My concern is two fold:

1. Could I keep up?

2. Would my speed overextend the 'throw' of my portable lighting system?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

On the road, or on bike path/paved trail?

Jim Thill said...

Anonymous, either you're a comment troll or the world's biggest worrier. Average speed is, as I said, irrelevant. If you can ride 20-30 miles over a few hours with several rest stops, you should be plenty fast. It's up to you to determine whether your lights are adequate. It's safe to say that many ride participants will have very powerful lights to light the way, plus there are street lights. Mostly you'll need "be-seen" lights to be legal.

The route is not yet finalized, but it's safe to say that roads. streets, avenues, paths (paved or otherwise), woodland trails, etc, are all fair game.

Mark Stonich said...

Jim may be having trouble imagining anyone slower than the ride leader, me. I'm 65/yo with bad knees.

But I have had people show up for non-HC night rides who couldn't average 7-8 mph.

I'm expecting an overall average of 10-11mph with road speeds on the level of 12-16mph. Pre-riding it by myself the average was 11.2 when I finished. When not drafting, groups tend to be slower than individuals.

We don't ride in tight formation like roadies. But if you aren't accustomed to riding with a group a night ride isn't the place to learn.

The Saturday morning rides might be better for a newbie.