Friday, September 9, 2011

Are you really, really tall?

Tall people, and I mean REALLY tall people, have trouble finding bikes that are big enough. There are numerous reasons for this, and things are starting to improve, but still. We just came across this touring bike built by Terry Osell. The seat tube is 75 cm, which makes it the tallest bike I've ever seen or heard about.
Big Osell Touring bike

It could use some cleaning and lubing, and maybe some modern component upgrades, but if you need a bike this tall, there are few options. This one, as is, for $1000 or reasonable offer.


Anonymous said...

are you sure those aren't 20" wheels ;-)

Fonk said...

Of course, this is easier said than done, but I wonder if people that tall shouldn't have larger wheels, too?

Anonymous said...

...and a longer wheelbase?

Mark Stonich said...

The original owner was a machinist who had made himself 205mm cranks. Are they still on the bike?

Tube sizes were standard except for a 0.049" plain gauge 4130 down tube. I think the steerer tube was a custom part too.

"...and a longer wheelbase?"

Good idea but hard to do with the tubes available then. I think it was built in the early '80s. Should have had 50cm chainstays for good weight distribution but there were none and unless the gauge were beefed up the bike would have been awfully flexy.

Terry said he might be on the Saturday night ride. I'll try to remind him.

Jim Thill said...

The machined cranks are still on the bike. He said they are 190 mm, but I haven't measured.

jim_h said...

Jack Skellington would buy it.

Mark Stonich said...

"The machined cranks are still on the bike. He said they are 190 mm, but I haven't measured."

Given that it's been nearly 30 years, I may not have recalled the length correctly.