Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works has been trying to popularize the idea of bicycle micro-touring, which he calls the S24O - short for Sub-24hr-Overnight. Grant's goal is to encourage bicycle touring among people who, for various reasons, cannot commit to leaving home on a bicycle trip for many days, weeks, or months. Bite-size bike touring.

I did one of these trips last night after work. From the time I punched out last night until I was cooking breakfast in my kitchen this morning, the total elapsed time was under 12 hours. I'm calling it a S12O. I took relatively few photos, but here are a couple to give a flavor of the experience:

I already had panniers on my bike, which contained the usual tools, tubes, pump, and locks. I added a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and tent, and off I went into the local wilderness. Once the traffic on a nearby highway died down for the evening, and my fears of roving serial killers dissipated, it was a most pleasant night to sleep out in the woods.


brother yam said...

River bottoms?

Joe said...

Nice little getaway!

rigtenzin said...

Don't worry about roving serial killers. Instead worry about roving long-haul truckers.