Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More info on the August tour

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am planning to do a bicycle tour starting and ending in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, August 7-13. Anybody who cares to join me on this trip is welcome. Before I get into more detail, I'd like to establish some ground rules so folks don't get the wrong idea. This is NOT a supported trip. There will be no sag vehicle to give you a ride or carry your stuff if things don't go as planned, and I am not providing food, lodging, or any accommodations of any kind. Every participant is responsible for himself or herself. If you choose to participate, please have a backup plan, or at least a willingness to improvise a plan as needed. Please understand that any preliminary plans and routes are subject to change based on weather, mood, time constraints, input from participants and locals, further map study, unforeseen events, etc. It is with great reluctance that I publish ANY sort of itinerary in advance, because I fully expect it to change. If you would like to participate in this tour, and you have rigid time constraints that rely on an exact and unchanging itinerary for this trip, you are most likely setting yourself up for some disappointment, or at least stress.

Anyway, I have been asked for a schedule, so here's a rough draft:

August 7: the participants will gather in LaCrosse around mid-day and ride to Sparta, WI along a state trail. This is about 25 miles. According to one map I have, there is a campground a few miles south of Sparta.

August 8: Sparta to LaValle, 48 miles. There is a campground just a few miles north of LaValle.

August 9: LaValle to Muscoda, 61 miles. Lodging/camping options in/near Muscoda are not obvious from maps. We may cut this day a little shorter and camp near Spring Green, WI, making up the extra 20 miles or so the following day.

August 10: Muscoda (or Spring Green) to Wyalusing State Park, 43 miles (around 60 miles if we stay in Spring Green rather than Muscoda).

August 11: Rest day at Wyalusing State Park. There are numerous options for fun rides from the state park, in addition to other diversions, like hiking, fishing, etc. The city of Prairie du Chien is not far away. Those who need to get back a day early may choose to skip the rest day and ride back toward LaCrosse.

August 12: Wyalusing to ??? I am considering several route options, but the goal is to spend the night within 25-30 miles of LaCrosse for an easy, unhurried last day of riding. Expect 60-65 miles.

August 13: ??? to LaCrosse. The plan is to have a short day of riding (25-30 miles) so we are not pressed for time on our last day.

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andrew rosenberg said...

pretty deft absolving of blame, have you had a lawyer check this over?.....i would like to participate, presently i am no position to commit, i do appreciate the tentative itinerary(subject to change)