Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bike trip!

Anybody want to go bike tourin'? It's a lot like this:
Almanzo water crossing

Ok, I'm planning for something more like this:
great river trail

If you're reading this and you feel up to the challenge (keep reading), you're invited.

When and where:
August 7-13 starting and ending in LaCrosse, WI at the Amtrak station there. I'm planning to start at HC early in the morning of August 7th and ride to the Amtrak station in St Paul for a train ride to LaCrosse. On the 13th, get to the Amtrak station for the evening return leg. Last I checked the round-trip train ticket is about $75 plus either $5 or $25 each way for the bike (a matter of chance).

Route and fun things:
I mapped out a route/itinerary that should be spectacular. Much of the route is on the oft-ballyhooed state bike trails of SW Wisconsin. We will ride along the scenic Wisconsin River. I am hoping we can have at least one non-travel day to explore Wyalusing State Park. We will ride in three states. We will stop in scenic places. We will pass through quaint small towns and seduce their women (and eat their burgers). There will likely be opportunities for fishing, hiking, swimming, and geology lessons.

Speed and distance:
How many miles and how fast? The longest day is about 61 miles and there's another one that's about 58 miles, but those are the long days. As for speed, this is a tourism experience, not a race. The pace will be casual, depending on terrain and weather of course, and there will be many stops. If you think you can ride a loaded bike 60 miles in a day without much trouble, you will be fine.

We will be staying mostly in modern campgrounds that have some access to electricity and running water, hopefully showers. Depending on circumstances and mood, there may be a night or two spent in a motel. I prefer to have an idea of the options and decide these things on the road, rather than try to adhere to some rigid itinerary. Anyway, the costs of lodging will be divided among the participants.

There will be more or less daily grocery store stops to replenish supplies. Small town diners are often hard to pass without stopping in for a bite. Obviously, everybody has different ideas about food, so I'd generally suggest having a day's worth of food on the bike.

Other stuff:
This is not an official HC-supported or sanctioned event. Unless you buy a touring bike, parts, or other equipment from HC (you really should, by the way), I'm not making any money by inviting friends on a bike trip. This trip has been designed to be easily approachable for a novice bicycle tourist, but also enjoyable for someone who has more experience. This is self-supported touring in the great outdoors. Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

If this all sounds interesting to you and you have questions or comments or whatever, please comment here or email me.

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Fonk said...

Can't make it this year, as I already have my week off for cycling dedicated to a ride out here in CO, but hopefully this becomes an annual thing, as I'd love to join you next year.