Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post-apocalyptic Commuter for sale

"The Weasel" is selling his trusty Surly 1x1 (size L/20"). Actually it's a 2x2 fixed-gear with two chainrings and a Surly Dingle double fixed cog. Weasel says he can switch from high gear to low gear, and vice versa, with no tools.
By the way, the Chris King headset is included.

If you prefer to coast, the bike also comes with an extra wheel with a fancy-schmancy White Industries freewheel.

All three wheels are handbuilt on Salsa Gordo rims.

Tires included are the fat Bontrager slicks shown on the bike, a pair of knobby Bontrager MTB tires and a pair of Nokian Hakka WXC 300 tires in great condition (the Nokians would retail for around $140 EACH!!!).

There are also some various small parts, SPD pedals, etc, included.

Get all this for $800.

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