Sunday, March 20, 2011

Posters are here!

Our new posters are in, and they're selling fast. We ordered 100, and at least half that number were pre-sold. On Saturday when Adam Turman dropped off the posters and I opened the package, customers in the shop were clamoring for them. Clamoring, I say! I will be surprised if they are still available in a couple weeks. No reprints are planned.
If you ordered one through our web-page and live in town, come and get it. If you ordered one and live far away, it's going to be mailed to you this week. If you told me you want one, but haven't paid yet, you can make your order official by clicking here, by ordering over the phone at 612-727-2565, or by coming into the shop and buying one.


adventure! said...

Beautiful! I love Adam Turman's art. He is definitely a poster making MACHINE!

andrew rosenberg said...

i was wondering what mr turman was doing at the shop saturday, besides receiving excellent service, good on you and i will expect a poster when i pick up my wife's mode of transport