Friday, February 4, 2011

Almanzo 100 and Almanzo Royal 162 offer

Final numbers are rolling in as registration for the venerable Almanzo 100 and brand-spanking-new Almanzo Royal 162 draws to a close. Rough estimates put the number of registrants at around 700!!! This kind of enthusiasm is well deserved for this world-class FREE event. While it's officially billed as a race, for most of us, Almanzo is nothing more and nothing less than a challenging ride on beautiful roads with good friends. I love Almanzo: the bikes, the people, Spring Valley, the roads, the whole scene. Forget about L'Eroica or other exotic events - Almanzo is right in our backyard, and in English, too. And that's why you'll see HC listed as a proud sponsor for this fine event.

Anyway, we donate a little cash to the organizers, and a nice prize or two for participants, and we evangelize this thing to whomever is willing to listen. But we want to go a little farther in support of Almanzo. In the month of February, anybody on this list can take 15% off a purchase. It's just for the month of February, and each person on the list can take the discount off one sale, whether it's a $5 tube or a $3000 bike. The purchase has to be either in-stock items or pre-paid special order items - the only catch is you have to ask for the discount at the time of purchase, not later, and you only get the Almanzo deal once.

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Keys Soze said...

Hey Hiawatha!

Good job on getting in on the Almanzo .

I look foward to stopping in and saying hi.