Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some recent projects

We've been working on a few fun projects lately.

Recently, Surly changed the Cross-Check by adding lowrider rack mounts to the fork. For some, the Long Haul Trucker is just too much, too heavy-duty. But now the middleweight Cross-Check, properly configured, is a viable option for all but the most heavily loaded touring. With that in mind, we put together the Cross-Check FLT (Fast Light Tourer).
Surly Cross-Check FLT
Notable features include lightweight wheels built on Velocity Aerohead rims, Alfine dynamo front (no light hooked up yet), Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 700x40 tires, Cascadia fenders, and Tubus racks. And we couldn't resist adding some jewelry in the form of a Chris King headset. If you're looking for a do-everything bike, this might be it. Touring, brevets, commuting, gravel grinders, fast-ish group rides. ANYTHING!

Next, we present the Surly Troll. If the now out-of-production Instigator and the 1x1 spent a careless night together, the Troll would be the illegitimate offspring. It has braze-ons and eyelets for everything - racks, fenders, the forthcoming Surly trailers.
Surly Troll
If the Cross-Check above is a do-anything road bike, the Troll is a do-anything semi-indestructible All-Terrain-Bike. It's like a touring bike that can handle 2.7" tires. Or it's a mountain bike that can carry a full touring load plus a trailer. We're not advocating this, but you can even put 700c wheels on it, hypothetically. To me, this is one of the most intriguing bikes ever.


Anonymous said...

Can't read the handlebars in the photo. Tell me more about that TROLL!
Hans Gasterland, HBC

KM said...

Now you've done it. Now, in addition to the 26 and 700c versions, one needs a "light" version. That's 3 truckers, 3 cross checks -- genius.

Anonymous said...

Jim - I'm curious what both of these bikes weigh?

Anonymous said...

Could you give a rough estimate of prices?

Jim Thill said...

Weight of both of these bikes? Probably around 60-65 lbs.

The Cross-Check equipped like this would be around $1800-ish. The Troll in the picture is one of Mongo's personal projects, but I'd expect a typical Troll build to come in around $1500-2000, depending on parts and accessories.

Anonymous said...

Jim, is the spec on the LHTs changing or is it the exact same only $100 more?

The Troll looks pretty cool. Although it comes with fender mounts it looks like getting them mounted and a clean line will take a trip to the hardware store, correct?

Finally, are the rear chain stays long enough to play nice with Ortliebs and heels?


Jim Thill said...

The 2011 LHT part spec has not changed.

The Troll has rear-facing horizontal "dropouts", so it makes sense to sacrifice a classically perfect fender-line for ease of rear wheel removal/installation. And of course, it has big tire clearance, so if you want to have a tight fender line with skinny tires, you'd need spacers, etc. Otherwise, no special parts are needed.

Mark here says he has no problems with panniers and heels, but it depends on your particular feet, panniers, and rack.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the Cross Check bike looks great!
I am in the process of building one as well (light touring bike). Could you give me some infos about the components you used (wheels, hubs, crankset, gears)?
Thanks a lot!
Anna (from France)