Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pub Crawl this Sunday!

Don't miss this!
The Winter Pub Crawl is arguably the most important cycling event, and you'll regret it forever if you have to hear about the hilarious and profound goings-on second-hand! So postpone whatever lame thing you were planning to do on Sunday, and come and ride your bike to various swanky establishments with a motley crew of even swankier characters! Officially, it starts at noon at Bulldog NE*, but we will be leaving from HC** at 11 if you'd like an early start on building up your thirst***. There are to be food and beer specials, not to mention fabulous beer-related and bike-related prizes. Please note that you need not be a drinker to participate. Sober types like me are more than welcome, and highly likely to have a good time.

See caveats, explanations, and clarifications below.

*     The second-stop at Tilia has been cancelled.
**   There are no plans for an official return ride to HC after the pub crawl.
*** Non-bike participants, whether they arrive by car, on foot, or public transportation are welcome, but they won't have as much fun.
**** We don't have an exact schedule, and couldn't keep to it if we did, so if you'd like to try to meet us at one of the intermediate stops, just guess a time and hope for the best.

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