Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now is a good time to get a great deal

Surly LHT deals:
We are still offering 2010 pricing of $1095 on Surly Long Haul Trucker complete bikes ordered and paid for this month. You'll also get a good deal on accessories, and some freebies. With our shop hours what they are, this means that Saturday is the last day to save over $100 on your new LHT (unless you give me your money at the Winter Pub Crawl on Sunday). Starting next week, we will charge the 2011 MSRP of $1199. We will figure out some kind of incentive to go with that, but it won't be nearly as nice as our January deal. Regardless of what price you pay, the complete LHT is, in my opinion, the absolute best deal in the world of bicycles, just that this week, the deal will be better than usual.

Rivendell deal:
We have one Rivendell Sam Hillborne bike carried over from last year. It's a 52 cm in Rivendell's "expanded geometry" scheme, which means it fits more like a 56 or 57 cm, but with improved standover clearance. We built it up with nice parts, and it will be a great all-rounder, tourer, commuter, or whatever else you do on a bike (within reason). And pretty! This is one of the frames that was built in the USA by Waterford in Wisconsin. The old frameset price of $1200 applies for now, but after this Hillbornes will be the 2011 price of $1400. If you choose our complete bike (smart idea), the total will be $2200 plus tax, shipping, etc. This is a GREAT deal on a fantastic bike, and if you buy this you're supporting US bicycle manufacturing, for whatever that's worth to you.

Redline deals:
We have some Redline stock carried over from last year, and we want you to buy them at a great price. Commuter bikes:
in stock Redline Metro 9 and Redline 925 are now $450, down from $550.
Off-road bikes:
Monocog Flight 29er, fancy lightweight steel, nice parts: $600, down from $979
Redline D600 29er, cool steel 29er with 2x8 drivetrain and disc brakes: $579, down from $939.

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