Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wheelbuilding class, December 18

I have recently received a few requests for another wheelbuilding class, and the last one filled up quickly. Building and riding your own wheels can be a satisfying experience on its own, provides a valuable home-mechanic skill (truing), and usually results in excellent quality wheels.
I will hold the class Saturday, December 18, 8am-Noon. The registration fee is $60, which is required to reserve your spot. We will provide a workspace equipped with a truing stand and spoke wrench for you to use during the class. Most people are able to build one wheel during the class, but others try to build a pair of wheels. You can supply your own rim(s), hub(s), and/or spokes, or you can get those items from HC for a discounted price with class registration. If you don't know which wheel components suit your needs, tastes, and budget, we will help with that, too. Call 612-727-2565 or stop in to register and discuss options for your new wheels.


Champs said...

I'm glad I took the class. You won't see me building any Thill Wheels anytime soon, but it's great to have a handle on smoothing out the hops and wobbles.

Snak Shak said...

The class was excellent. It was very helpful to get some pointers on the conventions of wheel building and the level of instruction was perfect - some supervision but a lot of time to work by ourselves. The "tips from the pros" that came out while we were working were a nice bonus. I got one wheel totally complete and have a good start on my second. Thanks very much for the class!!