Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, and a doorbuster sale

We at Hiawatha Cyclery wish you a happy thanksgiving. The weather may be challenging, but you know after that much "family time", a good bicycle ride will be in order. So get out and ride!

We will be taking some time off for the holiday. The shop will be closed Wednesday through Friday. We'll be back to normal on Saturday.

Starting today and until further notice, take 20% off ANY in stock item, including bikes, frames, tires, lights, bags, parts. Special order items, custom bikes and wheels, and labor may be discounted similarly, but we'll decide what makes sense on a case-by-case basis. If you buy a gift certificate (which could be for yourself...), we will add 20% to whatever you pay. For example, $100 buys you $120 toward some future purchase, for yourself or for a gift.


Joe said...

Hi Jim,

If you're looking to give 20% off with the GCs, you need to divide by 0.8, not multiply by 1.2. So the $100 in cash would buy a $125 GC (100/0.8=125 or 125*0.8=100).

Then again, it's a very nice service you're providing, so I'm fine with you keeping the difference.

Jim Thill said...

I know. It's a scam.

stacey said...

So a person could buy a $100 gift certificate and trade it up for a $120 gift certificate, and then just keep trading up for 20% higher amount gift certificates over and over, eventually a person could cash it all in on a new bike?

Lanny said...

You people are schemers.