Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You know October won't last forever

It's easy to get lulled into complacency by the gorgeous October weather we've been enjoying. Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely that this will continue until any threat of ice and snow has passed. We at Hiawatha Cyclery are betting on winter by stocking up on some "off-season" essentials:

Studded Tires:

At the moment, we have the most popular sizes of Schwalbe Marathon Winter (700x35, 26x1.75, $78 each), Schwalbe Snow Stud (700x38, $72 each), and for the ultimate in spike-tire experience, the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro (26x2.1, $150 each). Get them while they last, because they're usually gone by the time you really need them. Buy a pair and get a discount.

Other models and sizes will be coming in as they become available, so if you want something different let us know. We are not planning to stock Nokian or Kenda studded tires this year, aside from some possible old stock from previous seasons, or if we run out of Schwalbe.

Also, it's getting dark earlier now, so you'll need lights. Generator lighting systems are wonderful, and there are endless options. We can help you configure a system that will suit you, your bike, and your needs. But, if you want something a little less involved and less costly, we have the usual Planet Bike Blaze headlights (1W $45 and 2W $55) and Superflash taillights ($25). We also have a good inventory of the latest Nite Rider MiNewt Mini 150. I have been using the older generation of the same light for a couple years now, and I love it. I usually even carry one as a back-up on my generator-equipped bikes. The MiNewt Mini is lightweight, easy to put on and take off the bike, rechargeable, and it works just fine even when it's cold outside. This new model is brighter, has a blinky mode, and there's an indicator light to let you know when it's fully charged. It's a lot of light for $90.

Fat Bikes:

I just ordered a Pugsley. We will get it set up and ready for you to test-ride and buy real soon. Of course it makes sense for you to own one of these. Just $1550 for the stock bike.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


If you haven't been out riding in the woods, why not???
Salem Hills

Another thing that happens in the Fall is that I start thinking about the Spring. I am planning to ride Almanzo again, and, having gone totally off the deep end, I'm also on the roster for Trans-Iowa.
part of TI v6 route

We at Hiawatha Cyclery are proud sponsors of both events. The appeal of these free gravel racing events (aka gravel grinders) is not readily comprehended by most people who ride bikes, but if you "get it", you owe it to yourself to try one of these. My personal favorite so far, just based on the beauty of the route and the quality with which the event is presented, is Almanzo. Do it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

We support Adventure Cycling

You'll have to scroll down a bit, but we are now listed as a corporate supporter of the Adventure Cycling Association. We normally shy away from "marketing", but we like Adventure and we like Cycling, and we especially like to combine the two. You should really join Adventure Cycling by the way. It's a good deal.