Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rolling out, closed Saturday, Sept 25

Kevin's in the California wine country, Mongo is going to stay home in the man-cave doing blindfolded Rohloff rebuilds, and I/Jim will be riding to Southern Minnesota to enjoy the gravel and camaraderie of the Almanzo Gentlemen's Ride.

In any case, we'll be closed on Saturday, Sept 25. Back to "normal" on Tuesday.


rigtenzin said...

Do any of you HC Saturday Ride regulars still plan to show up? If someone says yes, I'll show up too.

Anonymous said...

Jim -

A couple of cautionary warnings: The southern part of the state has received significant amounts of rainfall - the roads may very well be under water (or severely compromised). Secondly, the forecast for Saturday includes another round of rain for the area. I would STRONGLY suggest reconsidering your participation considering the grave conditons.

thanks -