Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bike Deals

There's still PLENTY of good riding left this year, so you might as well take advantage of some of these deals and get yourself a nice new bike.

Here are a few that need to go to a good home:

Soma Buena Vista mixte, 54 cm SOLD!!!The mixte design and uncut steerer means that the sizing on this will fit a broad range of riders, probably 5'4" to 5'10" depending on leg length. I am 5"8" and the saddle height in the picture fits me perfectly. The ride is smooth and comfortable.
Soma Buena Vista
This is a classy and beautiful mixte with an excellent part-spec, including the super swanky IRD thumb shifters, Brooks B18 Imperial saddle, Thill handbuilt wheels with Dyad rims, etc. In hindsight, I probably should have gone cheaper on the parts, since not too many people seem to be in the market for a $1750 mixte. Anyway, $1400 (plus tax) takes it home.

Redline Monocog Flight 29 17"
Redline Monocog Flight 29er
 A really nice, lightweight single-speed 29" trail bike. Normally $900-ish, now $729.

Redline Metro-9 several sizes
Smart and attractive 1x9 commuter bike. Think of a flat bar road bike with fenders and rack mounts. Normally $579, now $479.

Rivendell Sam Hillborne in all sizes
hillborne roadie
These are among the most versatile frames available. We have set them up with tires up to 700x45! Some sizes are Taiwanese-made and cost $1000 for the frameset, and other sizes are US-made and cost $1250 for the frameset. Buy any Hillborne frameset that we have and get 20% off the parts kit. This amounts to a savings of $200-300 on a typical complete bike.

My early 80s Stumpjumper fixed-gear:
Stumpjumper fixed-gear
This has been one of my main bikes the last few years, but I have too many bikes that I don't ride enough. I'll be sad to see it go, but happy if somebody else will ride it everyday. It does it all: trails, touring, commuting, etc. I'm 5'8", and this is a good fit for me. This bike is set up as a fixed gear with Phil Wood Kiss-Off hubs built on Velocity Cliffhanger rims, a Brooks B17 saddle, and a lot of other nice parts, good tires, etc. It can easily be converted to a multispeed bike with a cassette wheel, derailleur(s), and shifter(s). These old Stumpjumpers are really laid-back and have ultra-long chainstays. Also a cool bi-plane fork crown. Makes a great winter bike. $650


Fixed gal said...

Drat. If only I had a job, I'd be all over the Stumpjumper.

Jim Thill said...

I hate to sell it, really I do. So many memories. But I need to make room, and get some extra pocket money!