Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The versatile Sam Hillborne

Of all the unique and interesting bicycles we sell, none has lured more customers into the shop over the past year or so than the Rivendell Sam Hillborne. Most people that have heard about Rivendell want to see the pretty lugs and candy-colored paint in person, but the real beauty of the Hillborne lies in its versatility.

Consider this one, set up as a "road bike" with light wheels and light tires. Keeping with the theme, the crank is a modern compact double.
hillborne roadie
This is a really fun bike; you should come in and ride it.

Going in another direction, we decided to make a Hillborne that emulates the "adventure bike" concept that is currently popular. Who knew that a bike with sidepull brakes could fit a 700x45 knobby tire with room to spare? The Woodchipper handlebar, camo tape, and frame bag really tie the package together.
hillborne all-rounder
 hillborne all-rounder
hillborne all-rounder
hillborne all-rounder

1 comment:

Joshua said...

Here Here, I love mine. It does all the adventure stuff and rides me to work without a tire change.