Friday, August 6, 2010


We are proud to announce that we are now carrying Speedhound bicycle frames and completes. The frames feature an innovative dropout system that allows the use of just about any bicycle drivetrain: road gearing, mountain gearing, internal-gear hub, single speed, fixed gear, belt drive, etc. It's very clever and cool.

The frames are also handmade in Minneapolis, available in a variety of colors, have a very cool headbadge and fork crown, and I can honestly say they build up into some of the nicest riding and handling bikes I have tried. Seriously.



This one is going to be shipped westward real soon, but we will have another ready to ride on the HC sales floor, probably next week.


Doug said...

I hadn't heard of this frame. And now I'm very excited about it.

In 2005 I bought my Surly Cross Check because I wanted a frame that was versatile. A frame I could set-up as either a fixed gear or with an IGH. I've used it as both. I also wanted a frame I could mount fenders, rack and wide tires. The Surly does all that. Speedhound ups the ante.

I thought I had all the bikes I need. But not now....I would love to have a belt drive IGH bicycle. This may very well be my next bicycle!! Very exciting stuff.

jim_h said...

Those of us who bike through the winter would like to see some belt drives out there so we can see how they actualy work out. My current fantasy winter bike has this frame, a belt, and a Schlumpf drive in the BB giving me a 2-speed. No chain cleaning, no freewheel full of sand.