Thursday, August 5, 2010

price reduced on some really nice lightly-used bikes

First the Rawland (text reprinted from earlier post):

I like these Rawland bikes, a real jack-of-all-trades. This pre-owned example is in excellent, low-mileage condition. Whether you need a commuter, tourer, weekend cruiser, mountain bike, or any other kind of real-world bike, this would be a good choice.
rawland sogn

I think this is a size M. Measurements are:
seat tube c-t: 20"/50 cm
effective top-tube c-c: 22"/56 cm
standover at mid-point of top-tube: 31"/79 cm

The head tube is tall and the steerer tube is long, so getting the bars up high isn't a problem. With a few fit adjustments, this should fit most riders between 5'4" and 5'10".

The parts are mostly Deore/LX level with Tektro brakes and levers and a Sugino XD crank. Wheels were handbuilt by me on the elusive but excellent Rigida Sphinx 650B rim (36h front and back).

Complete bike as pictured $1175 $750. That is so ridiculously cheap, I can't believe it won't sell immediately. But we have moved on to other projects, and need to make some room.

We also have this lightly used 54 cm Rambouillet:
My wife rode it a bit (maybe a few hundred miles) before we had our 2nd and 3rd kids. Now she rides a Long Haul Trucker, which is better suited for pulling trailers and carrying kid seats. So this bike is for sale for $2275-ish depending on what accessories/parts you want on it. Price reduced to $1850, as pictured minus saddle. The current incarnation of Rivendell road bike costs more than that, just for the frameset.


j.schwartz said...

Hi Jim,
I will purchase the Rawland if you will ship to New York City... You can email me directly at jasonaschwartz@gmail

canali said...

rambo: my inseam is 78.5 and i stand 5'6" this the right size or a bit big?...keep me in mind (if it doesn't fit) for any other quality sport tourers you come across (sent you a separate email on this).

joseph said...

Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

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mslay said...

Just seeing if the bike(rivendell) is still available and can you ship to california