Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Closed this Saturday, and a recent project

First of all, every single member of the HC staff will be taking the day off on Saturday, June 19, and the shop will be closed. Mongo and I will be rolling the inaugural West Side Dirty Benjamin race, and Kevin is out west leading an Adventure Cycling tour.

Just to reiterate:

The shop will be closed on Saturday, June 19. If you need something from HC and can't make it during regular weekday hours, let me know. I am often flexible about staying late or coming in on my usual days off.

Second, we made some improvements to my tandem:


It turns out that skinny tire bikes are not terribly appealing to me, and tandems are no exception.


ATTW said...

I want to do that to a tandem!

Anonymous said...

Wow - how does it handle and what does it weigh?

Doug said...

Jim...that is one very cool tandem.

It must take corners like a bus.

Nick said...

Ridiculous, I thought I was goofy riding an xtracycle with large marges and hookworm 2.5s. That's one rad tandem.

FTMN said...

Simply Awesome!