Wednesday, May 5, 2010

what we've been up to (chapter 1)

Since we put up our last post about heading to Trans-Iowa, this blog has gone somewhat dormant. Yes, we've been busy with sales and repairs at the shop, but we've also been hitting the roads and trails hereabouts:

First, allow me to show a few pictures from Trans-Iowa:

The starting line.
starting line, TI v6

And they're off!
start of Trans-Iowa v6, Grinnell, Iowa

Since we got up so early (2 am), Kevin needed a sugary, caffeinated soft drink to perk himself up. Fortunately, the Kum & Go had cups in the appropriate size.
Kevin with his new 100oz soft drink cup

Then we manned our post at checkpoint 1, Monroe, Iowa:
downtown Monroe, Iowa

Finally the lead group came into view:
lead group Trans-Iowa v6, checkpoint 1

The bikes were muddy:
a little mud

The riders were muddy:
Checkpoint 1, TI v6

After the checkpoint closed, Kevin and I explored some of the route, where most of the now DQ'ed riders were still grinding through the soft gravel.
part of TI v6 route

While exploring the route, we familiarized ourselves with the nature of Iowa's minimally maintained "B" roads. That story is published elsewhere on the internet.


KM said...

I should have put that mug under the wheels when we got stuck.

James said...

Wow, I can't believe I'm reading
"Monroe, Iowa" on your blog, Jim. That's where I grew up and my parents still live there.

Anonymous said...

the riders should have been equipped with bikes that had generous mud clearances and thin, mud shedding tyres with widely spaced blocks for grip.

Anonymous said...

Anon -

I agree with your assessment. Tight tolerances and short reach racing brakes have no place in a grueling race that includes wet, soaking conditions that create peanut butter like mud. I also spray all surfaces of my machine with a Pam (or similar) cooking spray.

Jim Thill said...

You anonymous commenters sure know a lot about equipment. Hope to see you at the start for TIv7 where you can put your suggestions to the test!