Thursday, April 8, 2010


SOLD!!!!Lightly used set of Surly Nice Racks -- Front and rear in black. $100 each or $190 for the set. That's way below retail. Get em for the upcoming touring season!!

We have a new part of HC devoted to used parts. Some of the stuff is unique, some just used, but all of it is too good to throw away. We will add stuff periodically so stop by and check it out.

We only have 2 HC posters left. Adam Turman did an amazing job creating an image that we think captures what we are all about. They are $25. If enough people pre-order, we'll get Adam to print a few more.

Finally, we have a great selection of bikes and accessories in stock. Gas prices are starting to creep back up so get out there.


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Anonymous said...

Well... can we see the posters? :)