Sunday, March 14, 2010

What we discussed at the Almanzo planning meeting

This evening a small group of dignitaries convened at The Bulldog on Lyndale to get to know each other and to make plans for the approaching Almanzo 100 event. Food and beverage were consumed, a not inconsiderable amount of BS flowed, hilarity ensued (naturally), and some plans were hatched.

Out of these plans comes action, my friends.

Firstly, I have created a google group to discuss not only the Almanzo 2010 event, but also Minnesota gravel riding in general. Click here. This will be a forum to discuss everything from practice sessions and social events to the occasional heated debate over the best rimstrip for gravel.

Secondly, we discussed having some practice rides leading up to the Almanzo 100. I have a wonderful route around Lake Pepin that includes plenty of hills and some nice gravel. We will ride that loop on March 28, assuming the weather is remotely decent (broadly construed). The Lake Pepin loop can be as easy as a gentle 75 miles or as difficult as 100+ semi-vertical miles. I plan to do the long, hilly version, but those of you who aren't that enthusiastic so early in the season will enjoy the 75-miler, or some combination of the two. We'll meet early at HC that morning, and try to cram all the bikes/riders into the smallest possible number of cars for the drive to Red Wing. I'll post a more detailed post about this later in the week. But the take-home point right now is this: keep Sunday March 28 open on your calendar.


bloodline said...

i refuse to accept that your method is the only way to have a successful almonzo 100. i will pursue my current 60 day program, and hope to see you at the finish line.

Jim Thill said...

I would have entertained your "program" had it been described at the meeting.